When you want to print custom tote bags in Singapore, whether it is for personal use, promotional needs, and business or for your group of friends, it is always a good idea to think about the particular design you want. In most cases the design used to print a custom canvas tote bag normally consists of multiple logos or a single logo.


However, if you want your custom canvas tote bag to stand out, here are tips to consider:

Too cliché

When creating your design or logo do not simply copy the design off some other already existing designs online. If you want your tote bag to be unique and stand out from the crowd, make sure that the design or logo is as unique as possible. You should also try to avoid the basic archetypes and create your own trend. With the help of canvas tote bag printing in Singapore, you can get your unique tote bag designed and printed for you.

Keep it simple

Being simple does not necessarily mean that you should create some custom lettering and leave it that. Neither does simple mean something boring nor does it is mean mundane. Simple in custom printing means getting your point across in a single clean sweep. People should understand what you are trying to put across by just looking at the design once and not trying to figure out what you are trying to say. Too many complicated design elements will distort your image and message. Therefore, let you tote bag printing supplier in Singapore know how simple you want your design to look like.

Colors matters

The color of your tote bag or print matters a lot and they can communicate hidden messages and enhance your ideas. Ensure that you effectively use the color palette to your advantage and select the best colors for your logo design. If you do not know how best to choose the colors, you can seek the help of your pouch printing Singapore service provider for advice. Sometimes doing it on your own is not so prudent because you might fail to get the best color blend that will make your tote bag stand out and look stylish.

Always think about the negative space

When creating your custom canvas tote bag design, it is good to think about what the negative space can do. The negative space in printing is the space that is not printed; the space left when a print is placed on the bag. You can use this space to create a message that is subtle and intrigue everyone who sees the tote bag. Just write a catchy phrase or a personalized message on the negative space.

Whether you want a plain canvas bag or a custom canvas tote bag, you should seek the services of professional tote bag supplier in Singapore canvas tote bags Singapore printer who will do a good job for you.