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Welcome to, a top quality custom printing company with vivid, clear, and personalized prints that you love! We primarily provide custom printed tee shirts but also specialize in custom printed mugs, phone cases, tablet cases, bags, cushion covers, and other items. This way, we can cater to all your printing needs ideally!

At, we understand custom printing. We have vast experience in the printing industry and have all the latest tools and resources needed to offer top quality prints. We only use the most advanced custom printing techniques and methods to guarantee clear prints, vivid designs, and long lasting printed results.

Our custom printing service is…


One of the major benefits of getting custom printed apparel or items from is the price factor. We offer prices no one else does! We aim to become the cheapest custom printing company providing the most quality products and printing. We want all our customers to know that whenever they want something personalized and printed, they can come to us!


Quality is something we don’t like to compromise upon. From our products to our service, everything is 100% top quality. The items we source for customized printing such as tees, sweatshirts, mugs, phone cases, etc. are sourced from reliable vendors that sell only quality goods. For our printing, we use state of the art technology to deliver custom prints that are high quality and durable.


You design, we print! At, all designs are entirely up to you, 100% customizable! You can add texts, designs, photos, and symbols to your custom print product and we will print it for you. Our custom printed items make for ideal gifts for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, and other occasions!

For more information or any questions, contact us today!

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Free Shipping In Singapore
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